.NET events across the network

nvents 0.6 now runs on .NET 3.5 and 4.0

Why was there no support for .NET 3.5 prior to nvents 0.6?

To enable automatic discovery of all nvents clients we are using WCF Discovery which is a implementation of WS-Discovery.

However, WCF Discovery is only supported by .NET 4.0 so nvents could only run on that framework.

What was required for .NET Framework 3.5 support?

We could have used a custom implementation of WS-Discovery that works on .NET 3.5, but decided to create a simpler solution based on Client/Server Rendezvous on the LAN.

One implication of this is that nvents for .NET 3.5 is not compatible with nvents for .NET 4.0

I haven't tested it but I do believe that the usage of NetDataContractSerializer already disables .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.0 serialization.

Version 0.5 was a bug fixing release

A WCF Timeout Exception issue was reported in version 0.4 and a fix was released within a couple of days.

EventSubscription<TEvent> was added to use standard events

using System; using Nvents; namespace NventsEventSubscriptionSample { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { var fooEvents = new EventSubscription<FooEvent>(); fooEvents.Published += (s, e) => Console.WriteLine(e.Event.Bar); Events.Publish(new FooEvent { Bar = "FooBar" }); Console.ReadLine(); } } public class FooEvent : IEvent { public string Bar { get; set; } } }

Download the latest version or view the nvents page.

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